The Identity Project is an innovative program that engages students in critically reflective identity work through a specialized curriculum in documentary storytelling, performance, and project-based literacy learning. Ultimately, this program cultivates empowerment and illuminates the voices of youth, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for self-actualization and self-advocacy through an applied empathy practice.  Grounded in a pedagogical framework that is, at its core, an asset pedagogy, The Identity Project situates student experience at the center of the learning process. Whether it be through experimental or intuitive knowledge, young people have a wealth of existing personal resources that can help shape and inform a vital learning community. Over the course of an implementation, The Identity Project builds on students’ innate storytelling abilities by cultivating skills in documentary storytelling and performance in order to explore and enrich students’ sense of voice, narrative, and identity, and ultimately deepen students’ feelings of self-worth and educational empowerment. The project culminates in showcase of student’s documentary storytelling skills, celebrating their mastery of 21st century skills, including critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaborative investigation, growth mindset, social emotional learning, communication, and invention.