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We are thrilled to announce an upcoming partnership with the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Santa Fe Public Schools and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. In the spring of 2017, The Identity Project will be rolling out the Urban Native Youth Pilot Program. This new iteration of The Identity Project is designed to cultivate empowerment and illuminate the voices of Indigenous youth of Santa Fe. Because this program strives to respond directly to the needs of the community it serves, we will be integrating two unique systems of programatic support that will infuse our existing curriculum with a culturally sensitive ethic and approach. 


pedagogical framework

In an effort to ground itself in the cultural values of Indigenous, and specifically Pueblo, youth, The Identity Project has worked closely with Simon Oritz, Acoma Pueblo poet and scholar, to design a pedagogical framework that draws inspiration and direction from Dr. Eunice Romero-Little’s The Keres Study: Identifying Giftedness Among Keresan Pueblo Indians. Conducted from 1990-1993, this study was instrumental in breaking down and problematizing conventional understandings of intelligence as represented by the IQ test. Dr. Romero-Little’s research resulted in the documentation of a Pueblo construct of giftedness encompassing four domains and suggesting multiple intelligences. The Identity Project has aligned our learning phases to these domains in an effort to celebrate the “whole child” and embrace the cultural values of the community we serve. 

Click to read Pedagogical Framework.

Click to read Pedagogical Framework.


Master writers series

This series will bring some of the most established voices in Indigenous literature directly in to the classroom. Invited by the Museum of Arts & Culture, these writers will interact directly with Identity Project students, sharing their own words and offering valuable feedback on student work.