Artist Educators & Master Artists

The following is a list Identity Project’s esteemed New Mexico faculty. This list includes past and present Artist Educators and Master Artists.

          • Dg Nanouk Okpik (Inupiaq Inuit) - Poetry Master Artist

          • Stephen Fadden (Mohawk) - Performance/Storytelling Master Artist

          • Karen Miranda Rivadeneira (Indigenous Ecuadorian-American) - Photography Master Artist

          • Rob Mesa (Diné, Soboba) - Photography Master Artist

          • Enrico Nassi (Otoe Missouria, Cherokee) - Performance Master Artist

          • Jaime Figueroa (Taíno) - Creative Writing Master Artist

          • Chee Brossy (Diné) - Creative Writing Master Artist

          • Clara Natonabah (Diné) - Artist Educator

          • Lynnette Haozous (Chiricahua Apache, Diné, Taos Pueblo) - Artist Educator

          • Trey Pickett (Cherokee, African American) - Artist Educator

          • Katy Gross - Artist Educator